New Nation
Price: ₦1,000

SN Song Share Time Download
1 Babylon 7.07 ₦300
2 Bread of Life 5.44 ₦300
3 The Lord Is My Light 5.43 ₦300
4 Walk With You 6.19 ₦300
5 Put Your Hands in Mine 4.14 ₦300
6 My Generation 6.50 ₦300
7 Blow the Trumpet 5.39 ₦300
8 Guiding Me Safely 4.24 ₦300
9 Say Yes 5.40 ₦300
10 Here and Now 4.33 ₦300
11 Greatest of Them All 5.37 ₦300

That the earth is besieged on every side with the upsurge of terrorism in every guise and form, resulting in a traumatised population is no more news. What needs however to be done in most communities,is the reconstruction,rebuilding and restoring of the depleted human,material and spiritual resources of the earth. Physical structures have to be rebuilt, agricultural infracstructure and economic activities stimulated, so as to re-empower whole communities by stimulating productivity and economic activity again. Theres also the need to contribute intellectual content to reform, rebuild, and reconfigure the national psyche of nationalities so as to arrest the trauma and bitterness that seeks to latch itself to our memories thereby creating permanent gaps and rupturing permanently the communication channels which bind us together as citizens of the earth.
It is to this discourse we humbly contibute in honour of the fallen and wounded in Northeastern Nigeria, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, France, Belgium, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Mali, Cameroun, Niger, Chad, Kenya, Sudan, Somalia, Egypt, Yemen, and the list will keep increasing unless TRUTH reawakes and her children give her expression in the earth. And that we must do speedily. Stand up to be numbered among this New Nation of founderers forging this new creation; this new earth!!